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Great product, excellent quality!


I haven't had a full nigh't's sleep (without taking a supplement) for over 8 years. Bed of Nails has completely change this. Whenever I use it I sleep soundly, and wake up energized and full of beans. It's ridiculous to think one single item could have changed my life but it really has. I can't recommend this more highly.

Fall asleep with 15 mins of being lying on this

It may seem counter intuitive for a spiky mat to help you sleep but this really does help me go to sleep - I normally wake after about an hour and move it but I am now sleeping through the night after having spent most nights awake from between 3 and 6am over the last year.

Perfect for Stressed out Entrepreneurs {who struggle with neck pain}!

I've been using the new BON ECO mat and am totally obsessed!!!! As a super busy entrepreneur and mom, I spend long hours on the computer and my phone to get the job done. As a result, I struggle with neck and back pain most days. I have been using these props in all kinds of ways {standing or laying on the mat, using the neck pillow behind my back at my desk} and they're really helping me relax!!! Highly recommend for anyone who need help relaxing and soothing sore muscles!

Bon Mat

Top quality product and the benefits are literally limitless. Helps tightness, stress, tension, headaches etc

Great gift

Arrived promptly, and perfectly packaged. Bought the mat and pillow and both came with travel bags which was great, the quality is very nice too. Noticed a difference in back aches and felt more revived after lying on it for 30mins or so. Confident i will see a big improvement once i start using it daily. Multi use as well as have found it nice to stand on the mat for a short period.

Brilliant! It really works wonders!

Try it and see for yourself! I'll be surprised if you don't benefit from it. Especially the BON I use it twice a day every day. I bought the pillow too but don't use it as often. If you suffer from back/neck pain, I highly recommend that you give it a go.

It works for me !

Incredible results, stress levels and muscle ache going down and nearly disappearing. Thanks for this great product.

Love It All!!😍🤩

I am getting great results from this small pillow!💕

nice but too expensive

It is nice and I use it while watching tv. I have neck and shoulder problems and I think it helps. However just looking over the bill, not sure it's worth the price.

Natural Energy with Bed of Nails

My new routine incorporates using my bed of nails mat and pillow every morning and evening for 5-10 minutes. I love how easy it is to roll out and use after my morning exercise as recovery and sometimes during the day after sitting at my desk for long periods of time. In the evening, I use the mat and pillow for 10 minutes while I listen to a meditation audio. The difference after using the Bed of Nails in my routine this past month has increased my energy during the day and helped with sleep when using before bed. THANKS - I love it. - Barbara x

Sciatica Go Away!

I received my order 2 days into my sciatica flare up. After just one session on my mat and cushions it helped to ease the pain. I continue to use it everyday while I watch TV. I would recommend this to everyone.

has been a great addition to relaxation/treatment options post stroke. thank you/


I bought this for my fiancé for Christmas and he absolutely loves it. Great quality and it has made such a difference to his back and shoulders already.
If you are thinking about it, don’t hesitate! I’m glad I invested in a more expensive brand, extremely satisfied!

Ultimate relaxation

I was sceptical about the benefits and results of acupressure mats, but after nearly 2 years of ongoing upper back pain (and constant medical and physio appointments) I decided I had nothing to lose!
My first attempt on the mat with a light T-shirt was disappointing to say least. I had no idea why reviews were saying they could only manage a couple of minutes, I didn’t get any of the uncomfortable or warming feelings.

However, I then tried without a t-shirt for a full 20 minutes and I have not looked back! As counterintuitive as laying on ‘nails’ may seem my not only were my back aches and pains eased (a miracle at this point) but I was unbelievably relaxed. My next couple of times resulted in me falling asleep.

My only complaint is that I got used to it so fast it would be good if BON made an ‘advanced’ version with fewer spikes for customers to progress towards. But 40 days on and I am still loving my BON mat and pillow!

If you are unsure about purchasing- please, please give it a go! I don’t claim to know how exactly it works but the proof is in the pudding so to speak- and my back hasn’t been this good in years!


Bought this for my best friend. She loves it and used it every day

Fab gift, very well received!

I just wanted to say a huge thank you for the incredibly fast shipping! The service has been spotless from start to finish. I originally had thought to buy your bed of nails products via Cult Beauty as that was the link I got sent. However over black friday the site crashed, which actually turned out perfect for me as I discovered I could buy direct from your website which was actually cheaper and great service! So thanks again, this is a Christmas gift, but it looks so good I might steal it for myself.

Great, east to use relaxing pillow!

Bought as a gift for my brother, who suffers with aches and pains in his shoulders. He absolutely loves it! He uses it every single day, although it looks a bit scary at first, it is not painful at all. He lies on it in bed, tucked under his shoulders and since, he hasn't suffered from as great a pain. Would highly recommend!!

Very satisfied

I wasn't sure what to expect when ordering but I must say I am very satisfied with the purchase. It's lovely quality, looks very nice and the nails are from a hard enough and at the same time soft enough material, just perfect. This was a present for my dad and he has been using it every night before bed since receiving it. Now I might have to get myself one too because when I tried it, I felt so amazing after! Can recommend.

Christmas Gift - Brilliantly Received

This was purchased as a gift for my girlfriend and when exchanging gift on Christmas we found out that we are very alike in the fact that I had bought her the mat and she had bought me the pillow. Upon opening, the raised points look very sharp and individually they are but when laying on the mat or the pillow the distribution of the pressure creates an immediately relaxing almost euphoric feeling. Was extremely surprised at how quickly we both took to these. We have both been using them every day for the recommended time and certainly helps set aside that time to unwind before going to bed.

Love it!

Arrived quickly. Have used this every day since purchasing. Use it every night before going to bed and has really helped me get a better night’s sleep. Have recommended to lots of people.


Has worked wonders for relieving my back pain caused by endometriosis and Adenomyosis. Arrived very quickly all the way to Ireland.

great bit of kit

I just got the pillow.
Surprised at how often I use it.

Love it or hate it

Although I bought the kit for my boyfriend, now it's a gift for me. I love it. I haven't felt the long-term effects just yet but laying for 15 minutes every other day so far has felt like a great self-care tactic as I am not sitting hunched over my computer. Initially, the pain was strong but has evolved to a comforting feeling.

The Mat was a gift for my brother who suffers with chronic back pain since 15 years. He uses the mat since 6 weeks, almost every evening (for about 1/2 - 1 hour) and his pain is mostly gone. He is really happy with it 😊