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Excellent for pain relief and relaxation

I’ve been using my BON every night for 6 weeks now and my only regret is that I didn’t buy one sooner. I’ve got into a routine of having a hot shower before bed and then lying on my BON mat and pillow for 20-30 minutes with the duvet over me, listening to my audio book - bliss! I love the post-massage feeling I get when I finally sit up, and I can tell it’s definitely had a positive impact on my sleep and general feeling of relaxation lately. I went on an active holiday last week with lots of walking and used the bed of nails every evening, I am sure it’s thanks to BON that I didn’t wake up achey, but instead felt well rested and ready for another day!

Love it

This is my first acupressure mat. I really enjoy relaxing on it in bed- especially when I’m stressed or post workout. Love that it’s eco friendly, but it does cost quite a bit. I went with this one because my FSA covers acupressure mats and I had extra money in that account. Since it’s my first mat, I have nothing to compare it to so I can’t say if it’s better than lower cost options. I did notice that this one has a lot more spikes than others I’ve seen.


I have 2 very painful autoimmune diseases, and nothing really helps. BON has really helped me to relax, sleep a little better, and has lessened my chronic pain a bit.
Thank You

Never leave without it

My Bon strap is always with me. It is compact enough to fit neatly in my bag and thin enough that it is discreet when I wear it on my lower back.
When I feel migraines coming on it is my go to - I pop it on and let the magic happen.

Perfect little friend!

The first Bon products I bought were the Bon mat and pillow set.
I now use both for 10 minutes before bed very night and it is safe to say it feels as though my stress literally melts away.
My life has changed wonderfully since I invested in my Bon kit!

The Perfect Relaxation Tool

I love my Bon Travel Mat!
I spend a lot of time on my feet and travelling so this is the perfect tool for easing my stress, worries and little aches.
Cheaper than a massage but just as good if not better!

Love it!

Feeling brand new when I get up from it! Hoping for a lasting release as I keep using it. I got arthritis... back pain and crunching knees!


So happy about it. My family use it every day. Good quality.

I bought the mattress and pillow around 6 weeks ago and have been raving about them to anyone who will listen.My quality of sleep and energy levels have improved. All in all I feel great which was more than I expected when I bought them.

It's a wellness for your body and soul!

My partner and I wanted a Bed of Nails for a really long time. We were looking forward to try it.

Immediately after first use we recommended this product to all our family and friends and since then we are using it on a daily basis. Bed of Nails is simply a revelation! In our opinion, it's the best way to relieve from stress and anxiety in just 20 or less minutes!

Really works!

I’ve used the mat and pillow for 10mins every night before I go to bed and it really helps melt away any tension. It’s surprisingly relaxing and my upper back had eased itself!

Getting better every day --

Gradually increased my time to as much as an hour - but at least 30 min per day -- really spending some time while at the office using the pillow to work my feet over. I do quite a bit of trail running and this has really made a difference - my feeling is that the real benefits will continue to increase over time -- being consistent seems to matter as well -- JP

BON ECO Mat & Cushion Bundle
Great quality and lovely to use

I had wanted one of these for years and my partner's back problems flaring up gave me the push to buy it. For me, this isn't a miracle cure for stress and overwork. However, it is incredibly relaxing and for both the body and mind, and now has a firm place in my self-care toolkit. I also have a high pain tolerance, so in future I may try the 'advanced' version. My partner found that it really helped his back-pain and now uses it regularly. I'd certainly recommend this to anyone who has chronic pain and as a little bit of a luxury for anyone looking to boost their self-care and relaxation.

Great product, excellent quality!


I haven't had a full nigh't's sleep (without taking a supplement) for over 8 years. Bed of Nails has completely change this. Whenever I use it I sleep soundly, and wake up energized and full of beans. It's ridiculous to think one single item could have changed my life but it really has. I can't recommend this more highly.

Fall asleep with 15 mins of being lying on this

It may seem counter intuitive for a spiky mat to help you sleep but this really does help me go to sleep - I normally wake after about an hour and move it but I am now sleeping through the night after having spent most nights awake from between 3 and 6am over the last year.

Perfect for Stressed out Entrepreneurs {who struggle with neck pain}!

I've been using the new BON ECO mat and am totally obsessed!!!! As a super busy entrepreneur and mom, I spend long hours on the computer and my phone to get the job done. As a result, I struggle with neck and back pain most days. I have been using these props in all kinds of ways {standing or laying on the mat, using the neck pillow behind my back at my desk} and they're really helping me relax!!! Highly recommend for anyone who need help relaxing and soothing sore muscles!

BON Bundle - Green
Bon Mat

Top quality product and the benefits are literally limitless. Helps tightness, stress, tension, headaches etc

Great gift

Arrived promptly, and perfectly packaged. Bought the mat and pillow and both came with travel bags which was great, the quality is very nice too. Noticed a difference in back aches and felt more revived after lying on it for 30mins or so. Confident i will see a big improvement once i start using it daily. Multi use as well as have found it nice to stand on the mat for a short period.

Brilliant! It really works wonders!

Try it and see for yourself! I'll be surprised if you don't benefit from it. Especially the BON I use it twice a day every day. I bought the pillow too but don't use it as often. If you suffer from back/neck pain, I highly recommend that you give it a go.

It works for me !

Incredible results, stress levels and muscle ache going down and nearly disappearing. Thanks for this great product.

Love It All!!😍🤩

I am getting great results from this small pillow!💕

nice but too expensive

It is nice and I use it while watching tv. I have neck and shoulder problems and I think it helps. However just looking over the bill, not sure it's worth the price.

Natural Energy with Bed of Nails

My new routine incorporates using my bed of nails mat and pillow every morning and evening for 5-10 minutes. I love how easy it is to roll out and use after my morning exercise as recovery and sometimes during the day after sitting at my desk for long periods of time. In the evening, I use the mat and pillow for 10 minutes while I listen to a meditation audio. The difference after using the Bed of Nails in my routine this past month has increased my energy during the day and helped with sleep when using before bed. THANKS - I love it. - Barbara x

BON Bundle - Green
Sciatica Go Away!

I received my order 2 days into my sciatica flare up. After just one session on my mat and cushions it helped to ease the pain. I continue to use it everyday while I watch TV. I would recommend this to everyone.