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BON ECO Mat & Pillow Bundle
Ashley M (Alhambra, US)
Best Gift Ever!

I gifted the mat and pillow set to my mom for Christmas and she really enjoys it! At first, she was a bit intimidated by the pointy nails but once she came around to using the set, she had the most relaxing sleep she’s had in a very long time. She even recommends it to my grandma!

BON Mat & Pillow - Black
Mazy Southall (Nelson, GB)
Black pillow and mat

Christmas present for partner, but I’ve been using it more😀 It’s relaxing after using for a few minutes, love the pillow for my neck, feels so much better after. Family member used the pillow and said her headache went. So good pain reliever. Would recommend

BON ECO Mat & Pillow Bundle
Brooke B (Omaha, US)
Really enjoying!

We’re really enjoying this Bed of Nails mat and neck pillow! Got the eco one and love that all the materials are natural/nontoxic! Hubs and I and kiddos had to get used to it at first (doesn’t everyone haha) but wow, it truly relaxes you! So it’s great before bed, on the floor, or just put on your bed like I did last night, and if fall asleep, just move it when get up to use the restroom. Feels SO good on the feet too! Trying to use every couple of days minimum. Busy Mama! Thank you for this product! God Bless.

BON Mat - Black
Jackie Paul (Glasgow, GB)
good product

I have had this for a few months now and I really like it, very relaxing, I use it about 10 minutes at a time so far and its just a nice relaxing product that works.

Sam (Oxford, GB)
An indispensable aid

The strap is extremely effective as it can be tied around specific areas that need help and, for me, has become indispensable - shin splints recovered quicker than usual and lower back issues more easily managed. So pleased I bought it.

BON Intense Mat - Black
AJB (Buckingham, GB)
This gives you focus...

Bought to see if it would help with a sleep problem.
Lovely quality of product and it definitely makes you focus on yourself for 20 minutes which has a calming effect at the end of the day.
Not necessarily the whole answer to the sleep problem but definitely helps us. We continue to use it daily.

BON Mat & Pillow - Black
Michelle Forman (Victorville, US)
The best

I’m obsessed with this product!! Top notch quality

BON ECO Pillow
Sam (Oxford, GB)
Another excellent product

Great addition to the range. I’d primarily bought the pillow to ease my neck but actually love it the most for my feet as the contour means the whole of the sole is in contact with the ‘nails’. Love the eco range - but could there be a little less product plastic packaging?

BON ECO Mat & Pillow Bundle
Holly Graham (Saskatoon, CA)
Wonderful addition to managing chronic neck strain!

I spend many hours sitting and working on a computer. The BON has made an incredible difference to my upper back and neck pain - virtually gone now!

BON Mat & Pillow - Pink
Lance Crawford (Santa Barbara, US)
Relaxing and healthy

I've been using the pad and pillow twice a day now for 2 weeks, and am quite happy about what it does. I originally got them
for a sciatica condition, and it helps; however, the main benefit now seems to be a general state of relaxation and a good feeling
all over. Very happy with my BON.

BON Pillow - Pink
Rosie Symon (Mugla, TR)
Nice wee pillow

Great to help me relax

BON Pillow - Black
Beryl Woodward (Solihull, GB)

I bought the pillow as a gift which has not been given yet so will update you when I hear!

BON Strap - Black
Sarah Burton (North Walsham, GB)
Really Works

The strap is really easy to wear, perfect for the lower back. After the initial discomfort you can actually relax and it does help with back pain.

BON Mat & Pillow - Green
KM Franks (Phoenixville, US)
Hurts so good!

Haven't had it long enough to experience longterm relief from back pain, but I do feel good after using it . . . gives me a euphoric feeling. I did a lot of research when picking which brand to purchase. Although BON was more expensive than most, I feel good about the value. Also would like BON to make a larger mat for larger bodies. Overall, I'm happy with my purchase and I highly recommend. I even bought one for my mom and will probably gift a couple for the holidays.

Melody Benton (Houston, US)
Favorite acumat over the past 7 years

I’ve had so many different brands of mats over the last 7 years of regular use. I love the filling of the eco mat. The cervical pillow gives much better even pressure then a foam core.

Eleanor Hoath (Kensington, GB)
Changed my relaxation game

I have always been interested in using an Accupressure mat after seeing the incredible benefit that Acupuncture had on my health - I now can't go an evening without using the mat, it has truly transformed my sleep routine and aids in my relaxation on my self-care nights too. I have also been using it for it's reflexology benefits also by standing on the mat when I wake up in the morning, it's easy to include in my routine this way as I brush my teeth or apply my make up.

I couldn't recommend this enough and being a Nutritional Therapist, I am recommending it to many of my clients also. Next up - to include the cushion into my routine also!

BON Mat - Green
Beth Foley (Sheffield, GB)
Love !

I look forward to using my BON every night I find it helps me to relax after a long day and I have a better deeper sleep after use. I have also used it when experiencing bad cramps and think that it helped relieve them I don't know if it was a placebo effect but it helped either way. I absolutely love it and would recommend to everyone !

BON Mat & Pillow - Green
JC (Warminster, GB)
Bon mat and pillow

Incredibly soothing for bad hip and back pain. Has really helped with my discomfort. I find it really helps to use before bedtime as it helps me to relax and aids a good night's sleep.

BON Strap - Pink
Susan Kirkham (Lowestoft, GB)
Bon strap purchase

I was sceptical but I have to say after wearing this item my lower back discomfort appears to have predominantly gone. I’m now back to walking our dog and doing walks for fitness and pleasure. I’m amazed because after 2 years of lockdown discomfort I thought my life as I knew it was over. This is not a fake review and I’m now recommending Bon to anyone who is suffering any skeletal discomfort.

BON ECO Mat & Pillow Bundle
Melissa Main (Spokane, US)

Amazing. It has improved my sleep and induces a state of calm.

BON Mat & Pillow - Black
Josh Newkirk (Madison, US)
It is as they say.

I don't know how to review because I wasn't sure what I was really trying to accomplish. Does it put pressure on my skin? Yes. It's it too sharp to handle? Absolutely not. Does it instantly relieve pain? No, well not in my SI strain anyway. Does it provide opportunity to do something different? Yes.
I don't regret the purchase.

BON Travel - Lavender
EvieD (Reading, GB)
Great purchase!

I had watched several endorsements of the mat on lizearlewellbeing and thought that I would try out the mat and pillow.

It does take a few minutes to get used to the nails but I soon felt very relaxed and have fallen asleep on the mat!

The most significant difference is the level of uninterrupted sleep I have and overall sense of well-being as a result.
I would not be without this now.

BON ECO Mat & Pillow Bundle
Leila B (Newcastle upon Tyne, GB)

Really love my bed of nails & pillow! I lie on them to read & also just to lie still and relax

BON Mat - Green
Sandra Dockree
Best mat ever

So relaxing - best sleeps ever highly recommend this product - would but again in a heartbeat

BON ECO Travel
Greg Grierson (Indianapolis, US)
The Topic of Change

New implements in your routine can do one of two things...become a task...or become a part of you.

The BON ECO Travel has become as much a part of my routine as drinking water, exercising, and meditating.

This product comes with me for all of my business and personal travel.

After 30 days of use, I've noticed tension releasing from my upper back, neck, and shoulders.

I do two 10-minute sessions per day at least 3 times a week following a morning 5-minute meditation, 2 minutes of upside down hanging, and an evening 5-minute meditation and 2-minute hang session.

I will say that chest down on this mat is INTENSE. Bed of Nails, try Bed of Coals!

I love BON ECOs contributions to my nervous system function.