Why Does My Skin Itch After Using My Bed of Nails?

Why does my skin itch after using my Bed of Nails Acupressure Mat

@KimDunbarDurant asks:

How about intense itching after/during BON use? What’s that a sign of?

Kate, thank you for your question! We appreciate it when our customers take the time to leave comments on social media or submit questions through our website. We are committed to providing the education and tools for you to optimize your BON experience.

Although “intense itching” is not a common reaction for BON users, it’s also not unheard of. The itching that you experienced after your BON session is likely the result of increased blood flow to the area, which causes additional stimulation of nerve receptors. Circulatory-related itching decreases over time as the muscles become more accustomed to the BON stimulation and no longer react by triggering extreme increases in blood flow and the resulting pressure on nerve receptors. With that said, here is a more thorough breakdown of the potential causes of itching.

Allergic Reaction to Lotions and Oils

Did you use any massage lotion and oil before your BON session? Your Bed of Nails is designed to stimulate an increase of blood flow to the area (which means an increase of heat as well), and for some people, heat will break down the skin’s natural barrier to irritants. If the lotion or oil that you are using contains a skin irritant, such as tree or ground nuts, chemicals, coloring or fragrances, the added heat can elevate your skin’s sensitivity to them, causing a mild itching sensation.


Referred Nerve Sensation Itching

According to Neuromuscular Therapy, trigger point stimulation can reveal places of nerve entrapment or impingement in the body and thus create several different sensations in the body. Among them are pain, tingling, numbness, burning or itching. While less likely, it is possible that during your BON session your muscles have relaxed and contracted in a way that causes these types of sensations. It’s also possible to experience these sensations at some distance from the actual muscles and nerves that are causing them, and they are often called referred sensations for this reason.

Circulation Related Itching

Many athletes have reported experiencing severe itching during and after their workouts. As we mentioned above, this can be the result of additional stimulation of nerve receptors by the increased circulation. As blood vessels and capillaries swell with more oxygenated blood to meet the demand, pressure is exerted on the receptors and the brain mistakenly interprets these signals as itching. This may be limited to one area of the body, such as the back of your thighs, or may involve the entire body.

Summary: How to Stop the Itching

If you are experiencing an itching sensation ONLY after your Bed of Nails session, there is a high probability that it’s circulatory-related. Rest assured that this type of itching decreases over time as the muscles become more accustomed to stimulation and no longer react by triggering extreme increases in blood flow and the resulting pressure on nerve receptors.  

If you think your itching might be caused by an allergic reaction, we recommend that you try changing or removing the skin lotions and oils altogether before testing your Bed of Nails for another session.

Itching that is the result of referred sensation from nervous and muscular causes will decrease and disappear as the tight muscles relax and stop triggering the nerve impulses translated as itching. The use of cold therapy may provide temporary relief until the patient has received enough massage treatment to maintain the loosened muscles.


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