If you’re determined not to fall into the trap of giving the mundane, common, and uneventful gifts for Mother’s Day this year, read on! While candles, pedicures, and flowers are all great gifts to celebrate mom, there comes a time when you just want to give something unique, useful, and unforgettable. Following are five of the best ideas for the perfect Mother’s Day gift:

Smartphone Vase

Few gifts serve such a useful purpose as cell phone holders; however, they can be clunky, unattractive, and downright boring. Moms know that a rule of décor is to never add anything to a room that doesn’t add to the style of it! A smartphone vase is an awesome idea for Mom; she can keep it on her desk, on a counter, on her nightstand – anywhere. The best part is that the vase doesn’t just hold her phone for her, but will also hold fresh flowers – be sure to remember to add the fresh flowers, though!


If your mom often has a hefty amount of people to feed, what better gift could you give her than meal offerings from HelloFresh? Starting at just $9 per meal, HelloFresh offers the chance to take a break from grocery shopping by delivering ingredients for delicious meals right to her door. You can choose from different packages and delivery frequencies, too.

Bed of Nails

Bed of Nails Botanic Pink Acupressure and Aromatherapy Mother’s Day Gift Set

Have you considered a Bed of Nails for Mom? Hold on – it’s not what you think, we promise! Bed of Nails offers a variety of acupressure products that have become wildly popular in just a short amount of time. Improving one’s health and relaxation by way of reducing stress and easing tension in the body is what Bed of Nails is all about, making these items perfect for any Mom.

The company offers aromatherapy candles, acupressure pillows,  and straps for relaxation, meditation and pain relief. The acupressure mats feel great, relieving tension while releasing endorphins, providing a sense of happiness, renewed energy, and revitalization. This year we have the Ultimate Gift 3 Piece Bundle Set in Botanic Green and Island Pink.

The Ultimate Gift 3 Piece set includes a mat, a pillow and a FREE aromatherapy 3-set scented candle set. The products are ergonomically designed for use alone or with other products and they are available in a variety of colors, so be sure to check it all out!

Smart Herb Garden

Every mom would love an indoor Smart Herb Garden – from those who love gardening to those who love cooking. If your mom enjoys fresh ingredients, give her the chance to do so with a huge variety of herbs she can grow right indoors herself. The Click & Grow garden contains everything she’ll need to enjoy herbs for a few months – these even come with a lid, a planter, and a LED grow light!

Aerating Wine Glass Set

If your mom is a true wine connoisseur (or she aspires to be), she’ll love a stemless fountain aerating wine glass set. This is perfect for any mom who loves her wine – the aerating effect will improve the taste of even her favorites as it breathes new life into every selection that fills her glass. Not only that, but the aerating glasses look so unique that they’re sure to be the talk of her next party! It’s like holding a mini little fountain inside of a stemless wine glass. Elegant, classy, and functional – what could be more appropriate for mom?

Every mom deserves the absolute finest gifts for Mother’s Day – make sure your mom knows how much you love her with a truly unique gift that she’ll appreciate for years to come with one of these exceptional gifts!



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