Grad Gift Guide
June 5, 2017
by Kylene

School’s out forever– well, for some people. Whether that special grad in your life is ready to start the next big chapter or they have another heaping serving of law school years, everyone deserves to celebrate their achievements by tearing open a gift or two. From therapeutic accessories to supplemental life tools, here are 5 gifts that would be good for recent grads. Here is our Grad Gift Guide:

The Original Bed of Nails Mat

Four years is a lot to handle in a young adult life, and sometimes the right education can take even longer. Students constantly crave new methods for reducing stress and increasing productivity. It’s time to put faith in natural healing methods such as acupressure. The Original Bed of Nails Mat is a travel-friendly acupressure bed that plays to such practices. Complete with stimulating and circulation-enhancing nails, the Original Bed of Nails Mat is a simple solution for high stress and muscular tension. Available in Botanic Green, Island Pink, and Jet Black! NOTE: Use the promo code GRAD2017 for free shipping and 25% off!

Bourge Design Arc Hub

Tech nerds, rejoice! Bourge Design has introduced the beloved Arc Hub, which is a sleek and portable 7-in-1 USB-C adapter for both Apple and Windows computers. The Arc Hub solves the port problem and makes transferring data seamless and easy.

Bed of Nails Aromatherapy Candles

Essential oils are key to finding balance in life. They offer meditative qualities to help the body and mind feel centered. Whether the world feels upside down or there is just a need for a gentle reminder of where to focus positive energy, Bed of Nails Aromatherapy Candles can lend a hand. Available in Relax, Relive, and Refresh scents, there is a little something for everybody. NOTE: Use the promo code GRAD2017 for free shipping and 25% off!

Blue Apron Subscription

Now that school is officially out, there is more time to do “adult” things– like learning how to cook. Even as classes fizzle and schedules open up, the world can be far too busy for tedious activities like grocery shopping. A Blue Apron Subscription is the ultimate solution for any recent grad on the go who doesn’t mind discovering a new (and healthy) hobby but doesn’t quite know where to start.

JBL Charge 3

Regardless of what they are into, it is hard to find a single person these days that doesn’t love music in one form or another. In fact, life is just plain boring without it! The JBL Charge 3 is one of many high-quality Bluetooth portable speakers that offers depth in sound for a modest price. This lightweight pod is waterproof, long-lasting, and has all the bass you could want.



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