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How to Get Started with Self-Love
February 14, 2018
by Allison

While you can trace the concept of self-love back thousands of years in ancient spiritual texts, it wasn’t until the more recent history that it made its way into everyday conversation and became all the buzz.   But what does “self-love” really mean? After all, it’s not something you can buy online, pick up like […]


With the close of 2017 and arrival of a new year, I cannot help but acknowledge the opportunity that we have during this transition. An opportunity to both reflect and prepare, to let go and embrace anew, to say good-bye and say hello. The start of a new year is a cross point between closure […]


With the fast pace of modern life, the mind often buzzes with to-do lists and resists deep relaxation, even during Savasana. Bed of Nails is designed to bring you back to Savasana, helping you reach a deep state of relaxation any time. Read on to learn more and to save 20% on your Bed of […]


Summer is now in full swing and all over the US, we are getting set for one of the biggest holidays of the year – 4th of July!  We love summer holidays, they are the perfect opportunity to be festive, get together, and take a break from our daily routines.  Reconnecting with family and friends, […]

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