In 2009 Carina Tannenberg, the founder of Bed of Nails, began suffering from tendonitis and a shoulder issue. In her search for relief from the pain she came across a Swedish acupressure mat and fell in love with it. Besides mitigating her pain she also found it helped her insomnia and made her more alert during the day.

Carina Tannenberg owner Bed of Nails

So she started using it in all different kinds of ways, implementing it throughout the day, by standing on it in the morning, sitting on it while working and laying on it at night. This acupressure mat had its origin in the ancient Indian bed of nails but had been developed over the past 1000 years through different countries into this version and Carina saw there was still room for improvement. Through her use, Carina figured for this acupressure mat to become more user friendly she needed to tweak it some more.

Then, in 2010, Carina was diagnosed with Breast Cancer. Health had always been a central part in Carina’s life but now it became her calling. Through her cancer treatments Carina got an even deeper understanding on how much meditation, relaxation and stimulation of energy in the body has such an important role in self-healing.

In 2010, while going through her cancer treatments Carina introduced the new and improved Bed of Nails to the US market. This  acupressure mat was a little larger with 33% more nails that were shorter for a more beneficial but less hurtful treatment, and a pillow to use for curved areas. The new design was less painful to lie on but gave more benefit due to more nails. The pillow also became a huge success and in February 2012 it was featured on the Dr. Oz Show.

Carina understood the importance not only of having a unique product but of branding Bed of Nails so that it stands out above copycat brands. Our brand stands out compared to others because we have more nails that are 100% recycled melted on to the fabric with no glue used. We also have a pillow that other brands don’t have and we are expanding with aromatherapy products such as essential oil candles and oils for enhanced treatment. Our brand is elegant and accessible at the same time. We don’t only sell a product, but a vision for healing and a healthy lifestyle. When buying Bed of Nails, people are bringing a healing spa into their homes. But it’s a spa that lasts for years.



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